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Communal Italian

Italian "Commune Wars" (C13th)

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C27 - Dismounted knights fighting
15mm dismounted Italian knights, C13th
C10 - Shielded Infantry with assorted wpns
15mm Italian infantry, C13th
C11 - Pavesari standing with assorted wpns
15mm Italian spearmen with large pavise, C13th
C12 - Spearmen attacking
15mm Italian spearmen attacking poses, C13th
C13 - Halberdiers attacking
15mm Italian halberdiers attacking, C13th
C15 - Crossbowmen
15mm Italian Crossbowmen, C13th
C16 - Peasants with assorted weapons
15mm Italian peasant levy, C13th
C17 - Infantry command group
15mm Italian infantry command, C13th
C28 - Archers
15mm Italian archers, C13th
A01 - Carroccio & oxen
15mm Carroccio, oxen & crew

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