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Swiss & Burgundian Wars (C15th)

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C18 - Swiss pikemen of 2nd rank
15mm Swiss pikemen, 2nd Rank, C15th
C19 - Swiss pikemen of 1st rank
15mm Swiss pikemen, front rank, C15th
C20 - Swiss halberdiers with vertical halberd
15mm Swiss halberdiers, rear ranks, C14-15th
C21 - Swiss halberdiers, halberd forward
15mm Swiss halberdiers, front rank, C14-15th
C22 - Swiss command group
15mm Swiss inantry command, C14-15th
C23 - Swiss or Burgundian handgunners
15mm handgunners, C15th
C24 - Swiss or Burgundian crossbowmen
15mm Swiss / Burgundian crossbowmen, C15th
C33 - Burgundian pikemen
15mm Burgundian pikemen C15th
C34 - Burgundian foot command
15mm Burgundian command on foot C14-15th
C35 - Burgundian halberdiers
15mm Burgundians with polearms, C14-15th

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