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Hellenistic Sacrifice set (28mm)

28mm Classical Greek / Hellenistic sacrifice set
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Product Description
This set includes everything you need to make a vignette representing a ritual Sacrifice, such as those performed by the Roman army commanders before a battle. This is how it has been painted here and in this context the crater (the large vase on the pedestal) would represent Jupiter, but it can be used for any Hellenized army from Alexander the Great to the last pagan emperors! Of course it can be used for any ritual sacrifice really, just add your favorite idol and victim... as a matter of fact it can be used also with the Baueda burning at the stake vignette and with a different paint job would make a great pulp scene... 
The pack includes a 80x60mm resin base and all the accessories you see in the picture, plus a standard plastic slot base; the figure itself has a standard tag that will fit in it, should you prefer to base it separately as shown here, or can be easily trimmed and used to secure the figure to the base. 
Like all Baueda models this is a historically accurate reproduction with plenty of beautifully sculpted surface detail to help you in painting, the figure is cast in pewter and everything else it's made of our very tough POLYURETHANE. 
Supplied UNPAINTED.