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Master of the World

1812 Russian Campaign Napoleonic Supplement
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1812 in Russia
Phase One: The Invasion

Top shelf Napoleonic Resource!

By the author of Et sans résultat! but Master of the World is suitable for whatever rule set you play.

Offering scaled maps, unit level orders of battle, and a simple conversion page for translating recommended unit Combat Ratings to other popular Napoleonic games.

Nine Battles in a range of scenarios, from minor actions to one of the largest battles of the Napoleonic Wars.  Refight the nine battles of Napoleon’s main army during his most miscalculated campaign.

Scenarios for a wide range of experience levels and number of players:

Link them as a campaign, giving your games context.  Some battles will matter more to you than your opponent.  
A simple framework ties scenarios together, allowing players to refight Napoleon’s historical campaign. Players can earn points towards a campaign victory by winning battles.  With variable outcomes, each army has chances to gamble and win the campaign early.

What You Know vs. What They Know.  Every scenario is divided into three sections. The game host's briefing shows and tells everything. The briefings for the opposing armies outline the battle from their perspective:  Historical Context, Orders of Battle, Victory Conditions, Intelligence, different maps for each side.  Players have the option to develop their game plans and issue their initial orders without perfect knowledge of the battlefield, based only on the variable quality of their pre-game intelligence.

Your New Painting Guide: 800+ Uniform Images.  One book with a canned history of the campaign, another for scenarios, you reference four or six more for uniforms... That's what's typical, right?  We've got whole shelves dedicated to uniform plates, you might too, but there's a more convenient way, a better way.  If you're just getting into Napoleonics, or if you just don't want to page through a half-dozen references in order to paint up the 30th Ligne, here's your solution.

Over 800 uniform images, detailing every regiment featured in the scenarios. All in one place, for easy reference.

An approximately 200 page, coil bound rulebook, including two supplements