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Kings of War MDF + MAGNET bases

MDF bases with magnet suitable for Kings of War
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Product Description
3mm thick MDF with strong sheet magnet underneath (total thickness about 4mm), precision-cut on our laser, in all the sizes you need for Kings of War*. 

Select the size you need from the list above - sorted from smallest dimension to largest.  Note that individual figure bases and unit base sizes are included in the list.  The price is shown beside each size variant.  If you would like a size and/or shape that is not listed, contact us and let us know your requirements!

The wood material makes it suitable for PVA glue, and the heavy-duty magnet underneath not only give the base strength and heft, but also allows for secure transport and storage. (go back and select the plain MDF KoW bases, if you don't need magnet underneath).

Unlike other suppliers, there is no minimum or maximum quantity requirement, so you can order only exactly as many bases as you need (i.e. you don't have to buy them in lots of 10, 25, 50, etc).  

*  Of course we are in no way assoiated with, endorsed by, or otherwise approved of by Mantic Games, and we use the 'Kings of War' name only to indicate compatability with that game system (huh?). 

Volume discount:  for quantities of 100 or more of the same base, you get a discount of 5%or more off our already very competitive price!