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AUC02 - Legionaries removing earth

15mm Roman legionaries in fatigue dress removing rocks and soil
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Probably the most common chore of the Roman legionary apart of marching was engineering work, which mainly meant digging and moving ground. The army not only built a new camp every day, but was responsible for almost all the main civil engineering groundwork; while it was specialized teams that built roads, bridges, aqueducts, harbors and walls, even before any such work could start the terrain needed to be cleared and leveled, a truly massive undertaking without modern engines and tools! Enter the army: you may think digging 6 miles of trench by hand is quite a job, but that's only because you are not familiar with just how much dirt ten thousand shovels can move in half an hour! 
Despite popular beliefs and stylistic conventions Roman Legionaries would not normally work in full combat gear, especially in warm climates! Although there certainly were such instances those were exceptions, normally legionaries will strip to their tunic which were further hold up by making a knot behind the back and often slipped one arm out for max freedom of movement. Due to the very slow pace at which fashion changed in ancient times and the small scale of these figures they are also suitable for a wide variety of roles from the earliest recorded history until well into the middle ages! 

Pack of 8 figures (four different poses).  Lead-free metal figures, supplied UNPAINTED.