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CRL00 - Charlemagne

15mm Charlemagne Command
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Charlemagne (c. 742 – January 28, 814 at Aachen), also known as Charles the Great (Latin: Carolus Magnus or Karolus Magnus; German: Karl der Große) or Charles I, was the founder of the Carolingian Empire, reigning from 768 until his death. Called the "Father of Europe" (pater Europae), Charlemagne's personal appearance is known from a good description by a personal associate account: "He was heavily built, sturdy, and of considerable stature, although not exceptionally so" our figure accurately follow Einhard's description. His rule spurred the Carolingian Renaissance, a revival of art, religion, and culture through the medium of the Catholic Church. Both the French and German monarchies considered their kingdoms to be descendants of Charlemagne's empire. 

Mix Pack of 2 mounted + 2 foot figures (four different poses).  Lead-free metal figures, supplied UNPAINTED.