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Sharp Practice! (2nd ed.) & cards

Sharp Practice 2nd edition rules for large skirmishes in the era of black powder, 1700 to 1865
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Product Description
Sharp Practice covers large skirmishes in the black powder era, from 40 to 60 men a side, but with room to push that up to 100 plus if you care to go large. They focus on the heroic acts of the force leaders who inspire their men on to victory.   
The rules are much streamlined from the first edition, with a fast play system which sees action joined almost from the outset and a command and control system which keeps you focused on making the big decisions while the simple yet subtle rules keep the game flowing.  
Covering the entire black powder era, with main rule set focusing on the period 1700 to 1865 and including full Army Lists for the French Indian War, the American War of Independence, the Peninsular War, the American Civil War and the Indian Mutiny.  The publishers will be releasing a huge number of other free to download Army lists and supplements to expand the periods covered, including areas such as Garibaldi, the Seven Years War and the Wars in Mexico plus endless colonial adventures. 
You can watch a series of videos which explain the game mechanisms in full detail here: