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AUC03- Roman mounted command

15mm Marian Roman mounted command
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(Tribune, Cornicen, Vexillarius) 

The army's senior officers, including its commanders-in-chief, would not normally be in the front ranks fighting, but would still ride on the battlefield among their troops to raise morale. The army would generally be commanded by a Consul or his Legate (the equivalent of a modern general officer). The second-in-command to the legate was the tribunus laticlavius or 'broad-stripe' tribune (named after the width of the stripe used to demarcate him on his tunic and toga), usually a young man of Senatorial rank. He was given this position to learn and watch the actions of the legate but they often found themselves leading their unit in the absence of a legate. Only men of Senatorial rank could be given an army to command, and only Equites (members of the Roman knightly order) were eligible to serve as its senior officers. 

Pack of 4 mounted figures.  Lead-free metal figures, supplied UNPAINTED.