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Didn't Dare Do Anything

1812 Campaign (flanks of main invasion) Napoleonic Supplement
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1812 in Russia- The Flanks

Expansion for 1812-1 Master of the World (or playable on its own)

By the author of Et sans résultat! but is suitable for whatever rule set you play.

Offering scaled maps, unit level orders of battle, and a simple conversion page for translating recommended unit Combat Ratings to other popular Napoleonic games.

Eight battle scenarios for a wide range of experience levels and number of players:
  • Eckau
  • Kobryn
  • Yakubovo
  • Klyastitsy
  • Golovchtchitzy
  • Swolna
  • Gorodeczna
  • 1st Polotsk

What You Know vs. What They Know.  Every scenario is divided into three sections. The game host's briefing shows and tells everything. The briefings for the opposing armies outline the battle from their perspective:  Historical Context, Orders of Battle, Victory Conditions, Intelligence, different maps for each side.  Players have the option to develop their game plans and issue their initial orders without perfect knowledge of the battlefield, based only on the variable quality of their pre-game intelligence.

Your New Painting Guide: Hundreds of uniform images, detailing every regiment featured in the scenarios. All in one place, for easy reference.

over 100 pages, coil bound.